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"Dogs I Have Known" Mini Zine

DOGS I HAVE KNOWN is an 8-page mini zine featuring pencil sketches and humorous descriptions of a few of the dogs I've known in my life. It's a cute little booklet to keep for yourself or give to a dog-lovin' friend! You may want to color it, cut out pages for scrapbooks or to give away. It's up to you!
  • Outer cover is uncoated light cardstock
  • Inner pages are black-and-white printing on 8.5x11" copy paper, folded and stapled in place
  • Due to their hand-assembled nature, pages, staples, etc may be slightly uneven
  • Original artwork and writing by Christina Baggett of Stina B. Art
  • Signed upon request - leave a note in the "message to seller" box during checkout

What's a "zine"?
  • "Zine" (short for "magazine") is a termed though to have originated in the 1920s, then referring to small-circulation booklets within the scifi fan community, and have experienced surges in popularity among different subcultures in the following decades. They are self-published, cheaply-produced, and generally distributed within specific groups/movements. Due to their nature they've been a media of choice for subjects that are too niche or controversial for mainstream publication. Today, zines are embraced by all kinds of artists as a celebration of independent, creative, DIY culture.